5 Reasons Your Videos Aren’t Succeeding

5 Reasons Your Videos Aren’t Succeeding

Time and time again, I see videos made by independent musicians and businesses alike that just aren’t doing what they want them to do.

It’s okay – we’ve all been there. Hell, I was there in my earlier stages of video production. Fortunately, I learned a lot since then, and that’s why I enjoy helping people learn better ways to make video content.

Below are five reasons that your video content is suffering.

#1. You’re Promoting It Poorly

Are you making Instagram posts that simply say, “Go check out my video?” 

Do you simply post online saying, “Hey, go watch this new video we made?”

Did you make the deathly sin of pre-promoting the video with a nonsensical three-day countdown when you barely have any followers?

You have about five seconds to get someone’s attention. Use it well. Rather than posting about the video, just post the video. Drop the link on Facebook. Upload thirty seconds to Instagram. Never tell people you’re about to release a video – just do it. Use attention spans wisely.

#2. You Look Like an Amateur

Smartphone videos have their places: day-to-day content posts, live-streaming, personal vlogs, etc.

But don’t shoot your own videos unless you know what you’re doing.

Sorry! But nothing will ever match the benefit of using professional lenses, camera sensors, and editing software. It’s also important to have the technical know-how of what looks good and how to maintain the attention of your audience!

Your iMovie app is great for posting vacation recap videos – not so much when you’re trying to make a career out of what you’re trying to promote.

If you’re banking on your promos on making you money in some form, don’t you want to come across with a professional look?

#3. You Aren’t Being Original

Musicians will post videos of them doing cover songs. Businesses will post videos of their business location.

But what are you bringing to the table? Post original content. How many dozens of covers of “Wagon Wheel” exist on the Internet? How many times will people see business owners that say, “Come visit us!” on their promo videos?

Do something different.

#4. You’re Over-saturating

In this day and age of social media, everyone thinks they have to post something on a consistent basis.

In some circles, this may be positive, but the issue I’m seeing is that markets always end up going for what’s new and fresh. Over-saturation of your brand is going to eventually be your downfall.

Are you consistently posting “motivational” videos or updates on the regular? Don’t. People will be bored by this. It’s more important to post original content time and time again that people are going to want to watch.

Don’t just post because you can. Give your demographic a reason to watch it, too.

#5. You Aren’t Telling Stories

People don’t like to have information thrown at them. They want to listen and be able to comprehend what they are receiving.

That’s why it’s important to always tell a story with whatever you post.

Musicians, make your music videos worth watching – no one wants to see you singing in a pretty location in a nice dress. Sure, your family and friends will love it, but to the person who just found you online, you need to give them a reason to keep watching.

Same goes for business owners – you may sell professional hardware, but why does your professional hardware standout from the rest? Tell the story.

Contact me in order to discuss further possibilities of making your videos work for you. I’d love to help.

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